Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek

Simply awesome! Director J.J. Abrams and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman deliver a terrific film completely reenergizing the Star Trek machine. The beauty of the new film is that you need not be steeped in Star Trek lore to understand the story or the characters. As for those who are long time fans, I can't imagine they will be disappointed either.

By taking the characters full circle back to their origins in Star Fleet, we can appreciate them from the beginning and watch their relationships take shape even in the face of certain disaster. The casting couldn't be more perfect. Chris Pine as a young James T. Kirk captures the impulsiveness, budding authority, and sex appeal of a young William Shatner. Zachary Quinto is incredibly believable as a young Spock and the rest of the crew works perfectly as the younger versions of iconic characters. Eric Bana, under much makeup, is a very credible villain and Bruce Greenwood, Wynona Rider, and Ben Cross all perform admirably in their supporting roles.

The plot works on all levels and the action moves at warp speed. Familiar lines and one terrific cameo will please the fans and even those new to this universe will enjoy themselves. Star Trek is back and I can't wait for the sequel.


D said...

I have to disagree - the last 10 minutes were satisfying but for the rest it was noisy, confusing and lacked coherence. Performances were by and large fine but no thanks.

30 Second Critic said...

Interesting that you found it confusing and lacking coherance. My companion, who generally has a hard time with Sci-Fi and time travel in particular, found it very easy to follow and really enjoyed it. But thanks for sharing your opinion.