Sunday, May 10, 2009


All style and little substance, this X-Men origin story is strictly for Hugh Jackman fans or hard core X-Men fanatics. Mr. Jackman does a good job carrying the load, appearing in almost every scene but the flimsy story can't hold the weight of his metal claws.

Liev Schrieber, a fine classic actor, finds his inner animal and has fun with the role of Victor Creed, Wolverine's brother. Unfortunately the three times the brothers clash, it's like someone pressed rewind and by the third fight, boredom is setting in. Danny Houston replaces Brian Cox as Col. Stryker and falls short of Mr. Cox's commanding presence.

Ryan Reynolds co-stars as Wade Wilson and the screenplay totally messes with his character deviating from the Marvel Comics universe. As a fan of Mr. Wilson's "Deadpool" character, I was very disappointed by this story line but that aside, Wolverine's origin pretty much stays the course.

The climatic fight at the end is pretty well done but the actual end fizzles out weakly to the credits. The credits themselves are always worth reading as it takes a small army to create a film and everyone deserves some recognition but the extra footage post credits is disappointing compared to previous marvel films.

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