Monday, May 25, 2009


Director McG reboots the system with this 4th entry in the Terminator series. Christian Bale stars as John Conner and Anton Yelchin co-stars as Kyle Reese. If these characters mean nothing to you, this is not the film for you.

For the fans, it's an action heavy glimpse at the world post "Judgment Day" and while plenty of things blow up (including a great sequence on a bridge), there are moments of humanity that poke through all the twisted metal.

Mr. Bale is in full "Batman-like" intensity as the leader of the resistance while Mr. Yelchin (who seems to be everywhere these days) does an admirable job as John Conner's father to be. The nice surprise is Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright, a mystery man who holds his own against Mr. Bale and provides the emotional center . Dallas Bryce Howard and Moon Bloodgood also co-star to balance the testosterone.

McG pays his respect to the original film in a few surprising ways which I won't spoil here and if you are a fan, you will enjoy the metal carnage in this cross between "Terminator 2-Judgment Day" and "The Road Warrior".

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