Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Black Sea

             Jude Law stars as the captain of a salvage submarine looking for lost Nazi gold at the bottom of the Black Sea. World War Two submarine movies have always been fascinating and exciting but a film about a ragtag team of Russian and British mercenaries looking for a big score lacks the gravitas of "Das Boot" or  "Run Silent, Run Deep".

             The only real enemy here is the paranoia and jealousy between the men themselves. It's only a matter of time, given the confined space and working conditions that stress cracks begin to show. Who will crack first and to what extreme? What will be the ripple effect on the rest of the crew? The answers come slowly at first and build to a fairly exciting climax.

               Mr. Law does his best to be the tough but fair captain but the lure of the gold eventually affects him as well. The film has it's moments of suspense but there too many dead spots and obvious plot points. It's a solid B cable movie that will probably sink pretty quickly at the box office.

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