Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service

      Director Matthew Vaughn continues his winning ways of successful graphic novel/comic adaptations bringing "Kingsman" to life on the big screen. One part James Bond adventure and one part spoof of the genre, "KIngsman" is an action packed, fun popcorn flick.

       Starring as the suave proper British spy, Harry Hart, Colin Firth inhabits a role unlike anything he has ever done.  He's a great deal of fun to watch, especially in a massive brawl that takes place in a church. The fight choreography is fantastic in this well staged scene of mayhem and Mr. Firth is at the center of it. Actually, all of the stunt work and fight scenes are pretty terrific throughout the film.

       Mr.Firth's protege is Taron Egerton in his first major role. Mr. Egerton has the good looks and personality to take him far in his acting career. He is clearly having fun in his role as Kingsman's newest recruit. Speaking of fun, Samuel L. Jackson is also having a blast as the over the top villain with his own schemes for world domination. And his henchwoman, Giselle, makes for a unique but classic opponent for our heroes. If you've seen the trailer or posters for the film, you will recognize her unique features immediately and the CGI and stunt work for her character is stunning.

        Rounding out a perfect cast is Michael Caine as the head of The Kingsmen, who always adds a touch of class to any film and Mark Strong as "Merlin", the tactical agent usually behind the scenes but here gets into the thick of it as well.

        There is lots of action and self effacing humor but the film does tend to overstay its welcome. Fifteen or twenty minutes of editing would have kept the pace fast and loose without some dead spots. Overall, though, it's a fun romp for a winter's day.

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