Monday, February 02, 2015


Guest Critic- Master Duncan "Donut" Sanford

  “Paddington” was really funny.  He made me laugh a lot during the movie.  He got into trouble a lot, but he didn't mean to. Sometimes that made people mad.  Some of the parts that made me laugh a lot were when he flooded the bathroom, and rode down the stairs in a bathtub!  

    Paddington traveled from Peru to London, to try to find a family. He found a temporary family, but made the dad mad a lot. The mom and kids were trying to help Paddington find a family, but they really wanted him to live with them. 

    The movie was sometimes sad because Paddington’s home in Peru was getting destroyed by an earthquake and his uncle died. Paddington snuck onto a boat to go to London all by himself which was sad, but also was funny because he ate a lot of orange marmalade and it made his tummy really big.

    Paddington liked to hide a sandwich in his hat, which ended up saving the day. But I won’t tell you how, so that you can go see the movie and find out for yourself.

    I didn't want to see this movie at first because there was a gross toothbrush scene, but I’m really happy that I saw it, because it’s really funny. 

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