Saturday, May 03, 2008

Baby Mama

Basically a 90 minute Saturday Night Live skit strung together with pieces of "Baby Boom" and "The Odd Couple". I was disappointed by the weak script which gave us all the good parts in the coming attractions. While the film was written by an ex-Saturday Night Live scribe, it wasn't Tina Fey and that's pretty clear throughout the film ( a mushy sentimental ending, oh please).

As if to overcome the script, "Baby Mama" stuffs itself full of well known co-stars. Steve Martin plays Ms. Fey's new age boss. Sigourney Weaver is the owner of the Surrogate Service that tries to help Ms. Fey and Greg Kinnear plays her love interest. Mr. Martin is amusing, Ms. Weaver is over the top and Mr. Kinnear sleepwalks through the film. And of course, anything with Tina Fey has to have cameos by some of her SNL buddies, which is distracting and makes it feel even more like a TV skit.

Amy Poehler is probably the funniest woman on the planet right now and she does her best with the flimsy material. Tina Fey plays smart funny and the two women make for a great comic duo. One day they will make a truly funny buddy movie (if Tina Fey writes it). "Baby Mama" isn't it.

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