Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of The Cyrstal Skull

"Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the blah blah blah...."

After twenty years, it's fun to have Indiana Jones swing back into our lives but shortly after a rush of nostalgic adrenaline, the film quickly turns to a bloated rehash of pieces of The "Indy" trilogy with a little "Stars Wars" and "Close Encounters" thrown in.

Harrison Ford still makes a striking hero but even he looks bored in certain scenes. There is way too much exposition to explain the convoluted plot and how many times do we have to go into scary caves and wipe away cobwebs?

Shia LaBeouf was cast to attract a younger audience and possibly keep the franchise going. Cate Blanchett vamps it up as a Russian villain but keeps misplacing her accent. Karen Allen is a nice addition if only to remind fans how much fun and magical "Raiders of The Lost Ark" really was compared to this retread.

There are some exciting moments but unfortunately the magic is gone. Enough with the sequels. It's time for Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Lucas to really thrill us again with something new and original.

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