Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Visitor

Anchored by a terrific performance by Richard Jenkins, "The Visitor" is a gem of an Indie film buried among the arriving Hollywood blockbusters. This is the second film from writer/director Tom McCarthy, who's previous film, "The Station Agent", was an Indie hit a few years back.

This is the story of Walter Vale, a character worn by Mr. Jenkins like a second skin, a college professor sleepwalking through his life. An unusual encounter with two young immigrants begins a journey of discovery for Walter, jumpstarting his life.

"The Visitor" has a lot to say about second chances, friendship and even Immigration laws but is never heavy-handed about any of it. The film moves at a leisurely pace constantly surprising us with little moments of clarity.

Much like "the Station Agent", "The Visitor" is filled with memorable characters and a story that will linger with you for days.

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