Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Fall

Director Tarsem, coming off his debut film, the visually interesting but empty, "The Cell", returns with another visual stunner. This time with a much more fulfilling story.

The film is about a young child recuperating in a Los Angeles hospital who befriends another patient, Roy, who begins to tell her a fascinating story filled with romance and adventure. He fills the story with characters taken from people in and around the hospital.

Shot practically all over the world, "The Fall" is breathtaking to watch. Apparently most of all the visuals were real and not CGI and they are amazing. This is a visual treat. The swimming elephant alone is worth the price of admission.

Tarsem paints a beautiful canvas but as a director needs to work on his pacing and action sequences. "The Fall" is a big improvement over his last effort and it's good to see him growing as a director without losing his flair for visual imagery.

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