Sunday, October 07, 2007

Go Go Tales

From New York Indy director, Abel Ferrara, comes this tale of a down on his luck strip club owner played by Willem Dafoe. While the film is set in New York, it was actually filmed in Italy which may account for the intimate setting of Ray Ruby's Paradise Strip Club. The entire film takes place either inside or in front of the club.

Matthew Modine co-stars as a silent partner in the club and his character seems to have wandered in from a David Lynch film. The film also stars Bob Hoskins, who is wasted in an underwritten role and Sylvia Miles, who shows the most life as the landlady looking for her back rent.

Except for the cache of Mr. Ferrara, I don't understand why this film was selected for The NY Film Festival. It's a quirky little film about a seedy world that has nothing much to offer it's audience. Mr. Dafoe sings, Asia Argento French kisses a dog, and there are endless shots of all the strippers doing their thing.

Go Go Tales premiered at THE NY FILM FESTIVAL. The opening date is not yet known.

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