Monday, October 29, 2007

Gone Baby Gone

A very solid directorial debut by Ben Affleck. Based on the crime novel by Dennis Lehane, the story revolves around a kidnapped child and the secrets underlining the crime.

Mr. Affleck not only directed but is also responsible in part for the screenplay and in both roles, he has crafted a taut, engrossing story filled with memorable characters. He shows a flair for capturing the life blood of the Boston neighborhood where the story takes place.

The film stars his younger brother, Casey Affleck, Michelle Monhagan, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, and in a terrific supporting role, Amy Ryan, as the mother of the missing child. All the acting is solid and the film takes some interesting twists and turns towards an unexpected ending.

This is a dark tale with difficult subject matter that some will probably find unsettling. It aspires to the pedigree of "Mystic River" and at times, almost gets there. Mr. Affleck has found a new home behind the camera.

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