Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lars And The Real Girl

There is a glut of "serious" Hollywood fare out there right now...and more to come. Some are better than others and most seem to blend into each other (or so it seems). If you are looking for something different and totally engaging, "Lars And The Real Girl" is the film for you. This Indy gem is only playing in a few select theaters but it is worth the search.

Ryan Gosling (a wonderful actor who chooses his films very carefully) stars as Lars, a painfully introverted young man in a small Midwestern town. Lars's emotional baggage is so heavy, he becomes delusional to deal with life. That delusion and it's effect on his entire town form the basis of the film.

The subject matter is heavy but the film deals with it in a light comedic way. There is much humor as well as heartbreak throughout the story. Watching Lars trying to cope is painful but the absurdity of the situation is very amusing as well.

All of the acting is outstanding, starting with Mr. Gosling. In supporting roles are Paul Schneider and Emily Mortimer as his brother and sister-in-law and Patricia Clarkson as the doctor who helps Lars on his emotional journey.

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Patrick Roberts said...

the over all look and feel of Lars and the Real Girl reminded me a lot of Mozart and the Whale (Josh Hartnett plays a character resembling Ryan Gosling’s)... it's very much about acceptance and unconditional love as well