Monday, October 15, 2007

Mr Warmth- The Don Rickles Project

Director John Landis has created a loving portrait of a man who has made his living insulting people. This documentary explores the life and times of 81 year old comedian, Don Rickles.

Using a recent performance as his bookends, Landis fills the film with hilarious celebrity interviews and archival footage from Mr. Rickles long career. Not only does it present rare insight into the head and heart of Mr. Rickles but it also serves as a time capsule for the evolution of Hollywood and Las Vegas entertainment from the 50's through now.

There are some amazing segments with Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Dean Martin and many other comics and personalities from a bygone era. And through it all, not only has Mr. Rickles survived but has continues to thrive on stages throughout the world.

At the Q & A after the film, Mr. Landis introduced Mr. Rickles to a standing ovation. His first comment- "Get the names of the people who didn't stand up". Mr. Landis also promised the DVD would be filled with a second disc of interviews and clips that didn't make the final cut. "Mr. Warmth" will debut on HBO in December.

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