Sunday, October 07, 2007

Margot At The Wedding

Featuring a seemingly odd choice of actors for his latest film, writer/director Noah Baumbach continues to explore dysfunctional family dynamics, as he did in his last film, "The Squid & The Whale". "Margot" stars Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh as estranged sisters who come together for the wedding of Ms. Leigh's character, Pauline. Playing her unlikely fiancé is Jack Black, who does a good job with a serious (for the most part) role.

You don't usually find Nicole Kidman in "small" quirky family dramas and it was good to see her digging into a real character and giving life to Margot. Ms. Leigh, on the other hand is known for smaller quirkier roles and in this film, she actually gets to be the "normal" sister (dragging her share of baggage though).

This is an intense family drama with comedic moments that break the tension but for the most part it's a sad story filled with characters who aren't very likeable.


The Keeper said...

You don't usually find Kidman in small dramas? what do you think these are?:

Portrait of a Lady
To Die For
The Hours
The Human Stain

Granted, they are not quirky but they are far from the usual, infact, the characters she played in these call for her to deliver much more emotionally than Margot calls for. One day, critics will stop patronising the woman.

30 Second Critic said...

Birth and Fur should both be dismissed as very bad choices. I do stand corrected on her "Indy" credentials however. She was terrific in Dogville, The Hours, and To Die For.