Saturday, October 13, 2007

We Own The Night

Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix star in this decent crime drama as brothers going down different paths. Mr. Wahlberg is Joseph, the cop following in his fathers' footsteps and Mr. Phoenix plays Bobby, manager of a nightclub in Brooklyn, who is getting in deep with drugs and the Russian mob.

We've seen this kind of conflict before but an early plot twist elevates the story to a different level. Robert Duvall co-stars as their father in the type of role he knows by heart. Also co-starring is Eva Mendes as Bobby's girlfriend. Everyone does their share of good acting but the film belongs to Mr. Phoenix who has his share of star quality scenes.

There are a few exciting sequences but one particular scene really stands out and it should be easy to spot if and when you see the film. The visuals and sound editing are just great and the scene has a tension and excitement that the rest of the film only shows in flashes.

Things are wrapped up a little too easily at the end but it's a solid film if you like the genre.

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