Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best/Worst of 2014

Movies that were fun, exciting, challenging and most of all, entertaining-
Best of 2014
1 Whiplash- Old story told in a fresh and exciting way. Great acting and great music.
2 Guardians of the Galaxy- Pure fun start to finish
3 Boyhood- An incredible piece of art. A true original
4 Snowpiercer- Wild Sci-fi ride. Fun and thought provoking.
5 The Babadook- Scares the crap out of you without spilling a lot of blood.
6 The Imitation Game- Excellent acting. Fascinating story
7 The Grand Budapest Hotel- Another original. Very clever and fun.
8 Birdman- Great ensemble cast. Intense and intelligent. Unique direction.
9 Love is Strange- Terrific chemistry between Alfred Molina and John Lithgow. Smart, touching and affecting.
10 Into the Woods- Another great ensemble. Amazing Sondheim songs and a terrific story from James Lapine. Excellent movie adaptation.
Honorable Mention-
Selma- History comes alive.
We Are the Best- teenage girls form punk rock band. Anarchy in Norway.
Nightcrawler- Tied for creepiest movie of the year.
Foxcatcher- Tied for creepiest movie of the year.
American Sniper- Tremendous job by Bradley Cooper.
Force Majeure- Insightful family drama/comedy.
Worst of 2014
1 Sex Tape- Embarrassing for everyone involved.
2 Godzilla- Leave the old boy to rest.
3 Noah- What were they thinking?
4 The Equalizer- Too violent with no reason, even for me.
5 The Monuments Men- Nice idea. Boring outcome.
6 The Judge- Old story, old way. Boring and predictable.
7 Wish I Was Here- No I didn't.
8 This is where I Leave You- Imitation “August: Osage County”
9 Top Five- Self indulgent and not that funny
10 Lucy- violent with a ridiculous premise.

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